С 18 по 20 февраля 2016 года в г. Красноярске при поддержке Правительства Российской Федерации состоится 13-й Красноярский экономический форум.


Leader of the Northern Forum working group on Infectious diseases has been proclaimed the best Phthisitatry center in Far East Russia and Siberia. 

5th International forum “Arctic: present and future” took place in St. Petersburg. This large-scale forum is held annually. The Northern Forum took part in this event, with several participants – the Northern Forum Chair (Governor of Krasnoyarsky krai) Victor Tolokonsky, NF RCC Chair Yuri Zakharinsky (Deputy chair of Krasnoyarsky krai government) and the NF Executive Mikhail Pogodaev.

This year the Forum has gained more momentum with over 1,000 participants attending. Notable participants were: Vice chair of the Russian government Dmitry Rogozin (also leads Russian State Commission on development of the Arctic), Federal ministers, members of State Duma, heads of Russian regions, polar explorers, representatives of industrial corporations and INGOs. The Forum itself was organized by a Russian Association of Polar Explorers. Under lead of a well-known polar explorer Artur Chilingarov, who also is a special representative of the Russian President to international cooperation in the Arctic and Antarctic.

The Northern Forum Executive Mikhail Pogodaevtook part in the international conference “In the Spirit of the Rovaniemi Process” in Arctic capital of Lapland, Finland – Rovaniemi.

2nd Local and Global Arctic 2015 International Conference is organized by city of Rovaniemi, Unviersity of Lapland, Arctic Research Center and Arctic society of Finland.


Despite all of talking about the future development of the Arctic, the region lives in conditions of acute shortage of railways and roads, and water transport aircraft.

Governor of Krasnoyarsky krai Victor Tolokonsky, has participated in a joint meeting of Russian Federal Presidium of the Expert Council on Arctic and Antarctic during a working visit to Moscow. The council was chaired by the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko and Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, chairman of the State Commission on the Development of the Arctic, Dmitry Rogozin.


Head of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) Egor Borisov spoke at a joint meeting of the Presidium of the Expert Council for the Arctic and Antarctic to the Council of the Federation with the members of the State Commission on the Development of the Arctic.

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Summary of the 12th General Assembly

12th General Assembly of the Northern Forum has finished – the participants went home or continued their way to a next event. Finally we can summarize the last few days and what they meant for the Northern Forum. The Assembly was held in Yakutsk for the first time since 1997.

4now-14 ноября 2015 года состоялось закрытое совещание Комитета региональных координаторов Северного Форума. Цель совещания - обзор состояния организации, рассмотрение предлагаемых резолюций, обсуждение перспектив развития.



JAMSTEC Japanese agency researchers have taken part in a Cold Lands interdisciplinary workshop, held in Sakha North Eastern Federal University. Researchers Rikie Suzuki and Hisashi Sato have presented a research on Eastern Siberian ecosystems at global warming.