Across the Bering Strait, Robert Soolook can easily see the looming hulk of the neighboring Russian island where some of his relatives used to live before they were forced to relocate to the Soviet mainland at the start of the Cold War.

Iceland considers that cooperation of all Arctic nations with Russia is necessary, despite the Ukraine situation - said the Icelandic Ambassador to the United States Geir Haarde. Mr. Haarde's opinion was that one should "not mix drinks" in the Arctic relations - i.e. set aside discontent over the other regions' issues; as Russia is the biggest Arctic state, it should not be excluded from the Arctic issues. "Issue of relations with Russia in this context is uneasy. Yet, despite these problems we think that one should not "mix drinks" - we should keep cooperation in the Arctic separated from the other problems" - said Mr. Haarde during a round table on Arctic relations.



In her first major break with President Obama over environmental policy, Hillary Clinton said Tuesday she opposed drilling in the Alaskan Arctic because it is too dangerous. 

The center opens by the end of 2015 in Arkhangelsk. The center will be established on the basis of six institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences located in the Arkhangelsk region


"Kochevie - 2015" (Nomadic festival)

Celebration of the Indigenous Peoples of Yakutia 


During the WW2 the Soviet Union was receiving Lend-Lease wartime supplies from the Allied nations in exchange for fur and other products, meant to be returned in postwar time. These supplies have included thousands of warplanes, tanks, ammunition and nutrition. Airplanes, hence their size, were delivered by air via the safest way - across the Bering Straits, This flyway was later called AlSib - Alaska-Siberia. This route connected several airbases along the way - starting in Great Falls, MT (USA) and ending in Krasnoyarsk (USSR). The American part of the way had a final point in Nome, AK. There is Nome, the American pilots handed over controls to Russian pilots, who took the airplanes further to the Soviet Union.


Reindeer herders from cooperative "Harp" from the Nenets Autonomous Okrug sold 14 thousand reindeer hides in this year to Finnish partners


The center will begin its work on 14 August. Arctic rescue center is a real complex with administrative building, a hangar for storage of boats, boxes for cars and machinery, as well as a gym. The institution will work in a mode of constant readiness. Estimated staff about 100 professionals said TV “Murman”. In their powers, in addition to rescue operations will include the liquidation of situations related to the oil spill. In Arctic conditions, it is especially important. It is also planned stationing of any class of ships and helicopter.


The volume of Arctic sea ice increased by around a third after an unusually cool summer in 2013.

Researchers say the growth continued in 2014 and more than compensated for losses recorded in the three previous years.


Russia will strengthen its naval forces in the Arctic and Atlantic as a response to Nato activities close to Russia's borders, the Kremlin says. Russia's plans are outlined in a new naval doctrine, launched on Sunday as the nation celebrated Navy Day.


A Japanese salmon and trout fishing boat from Hokkaido was seized by Russian authorities Friday for exceeding the fishing quota, the Hokkaido Prefectural Government said Saturday. Masato Ito, captain of the 29-ton boat Hokomaru, and 10 crew members are uninjured, it added. The Foreign Ministry asked the Russian Embassy in Tokyo to return the vessel and release the crew members at an early date.


Polar Airlines – a Sakha regional carrier begins operating a new passenger aircraft Pilatus PC-6. On July 15 the aircraft flew to Srednekolymsk ulus to operate regularly from Srednekolymsk airport.