Working Group activity is one of the most important components of the Northern Forum, bringing tangible projects and results to the benefit of the participating regions and business partners.
In 2018 ten working groups were formed to prepare, select and support projects of relevance and importance to the Northern Forum. In 2021, two more highly relevant groups were added, Creative Industry WG and Parliamentarians WG, bringing the total of WG´s to twelve.

The WG´s are divided into two categories: permanent and non-permanent.

  • Permanent working groups include the groups that currently have a set strategy, guidelines and work plan and actively carry out work and participate in the activities of the Northern Forum.
  • Non-permanent working groups are less formal, designated to solve some specific and time-limited tasks. They can be transferred to a permanent working group if and when forming a permanent composition and demonstrating intentions to conduct regular ongoing work.


Permanent Working Groups:


Non-Permanent Working Groups