The Northern Forum has many business partners og highest relevance.

The aim is to significantly increase the number and activity of the business partners, supported by the introduction of increased flexibility and levels of commitment in the cooperation:

  • official business partners – who have formal partnership agreements with the Northern Forum
  • informal partners – who cooperate with the Northern Forum without formal agreements or treaties
  • potential partners - who are interested in the activities of the Northern Forum and looking for opportunities through specific partnerships, initiatives and/or projects


Northern Forum Business Partners Map

Business partners of the Northern Forum:

  • Academy of the Northern Forum (Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia)
  • Arctic Portal (Akureyri, Iceland)
  • Orsa Grönklitt Predator Center (Dalarna, Sweden)
  • Institute of the North (Alaska, USA)
  • Arctic Business Relations LLC of Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation »(UIC) (Alaska, USA)
  • Arktika Company LLC (Alaska, USA)
  • CMYK Master Polygraphy LLC (Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia)
  • SuluS LLC (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Pure Water LLC (Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia)
  • Energy Saving Technologies LLC (Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia)
  • Cluster Polaire Français (France)
  • High North Center for Business and Governance of the Business School at Nord University (Norway)
  • Hokkaido International Exchange and Cooperation Center (Japan)
  • Alaska Native Heritage Center (Alaska, USA)


Arctic Portal has been supporting the NF website, also it cooperates in the Arctic Business Portal project, which will be implemented in collaboration with the Arctic Economic Council.

UIC is interested in establishing business contacts with the northern regions of Russia, especially with the organizations of indigenous peoples. At this point, we are preparing a joint reindeer breeding reintroduction project in Barrow, Alaska. The main partners in this project are the Association of World Reindeer Herders and the International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry.

Together with Energy-Saving Technologies LLC, which is member of the editorial board, a joint edition of Energy Saving in Yakutia magazine was published, dedicated to Arctic energy and environment issues. The magazine was presented at the Arctic Energy Summit in Helsinki, Finland, September 18-20, and at the VII International Forum “Arctic: Today and the Future” in St. Petersburg, December 4-6, 2017. In addition, the Northern Forum news is highlighted in every regular edition’s separate section.

Orsa Grönklitt Predator Center continues to act as “ambassadors” of the Northern Forum. Anders Björklund and Ingvor Ljung made a speech in the Ajtte museum during Jokkmokk Winter Festival, which was held on February 2-4, 2017. They talked about the activities of the Northern Forum, indigenous peoples, Siberia from the Ural Mountains to Chukotka and from the polar regions to the southern highlands. The audience in the museum was highly interested, and a group of students stated that “this was the most interesting report of all that they ever heard”.

Representatives of SuluS LLC took part in the VII International Forum “Arctic: Today and the Future” in St. Petersburg as experts of the Northern Forum.