The Northern Forum Organisation has established a formal association, the Northern Forum Foundation.

The Northern Forum Foundation operates according to Icelandic Act no. 119/2019 on non-profit organisations, registered in Akureyri, Iceland, operating across borders.

The purpose and objectives of Northern Forum Foundation is to raise funding, fund and support activities and projects that benefit sustainable development and better living for the people and peoples of the North and their societies, including in: education; culture; innovation; responsible business development; empowering the youth; health; science and for the environment; as per the objectives and strategy of the Northern Forum Organisation and as agreed by its members.

The Northern Forum Foundation intends to achieve its purpose and objectives by raising funds based on its merits from the Global international community, private and public, including: individuals; organisations; associations; companies and governments; through funding applications, fundraising campaigns, sponsoring agreements and partnerships based on active communication, outreach activities and events, executed in coherence with the objectives and strategy of the Northern Forum.

Governor of Lapland, Finland, Mr. Mika Riipi, Chair of the Northern Forum Organisation, is the Chair of the Northern Forum Foundation.

The Northern Forum Foundation is hosted by the Arctic at Radhustorg 7, Akureyri, Iceland, and managed by directors Mr. Halldor Johannsson and Mr. Vladimir Vasilev, the executive secretary of the Northern Forum Organisation.

For further information please contact:

Halldór Jóhannsson

tel. +3548992828

The Northern Forum Foundation