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SM Mazharov

“Under national goals and strategic development objectives, the Government committed to developing the Northern Sea Route by 2024 and take the cargo traffic up to 80 million tons involving Russia’s regional authorities, mainly in the northern regions”.


Alexander Mazharov,

Deputy Governor of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

24 Jan 2020
Scientists told how to protect the Russian Arctic from microplastics

Improving treatment facilities on rivers and reducing the consumption of plastic products will help reduce plastic pollution in the seas of the Russian Arctic, the press service of the marine research [ ... ]

23 Jan 2020
Daryana Maximova in the TV program

Daryana Maximova, Acting Executive Director of the Northern Forum became a guest in the TV program "One of Us". 

22 Jan 2020
Scientists: Melting of the ice in the Arctic affects climate in Siberia

Russian, British and Israeli scientists have found a connection between the reduction of long-term Arctic ice and climate change in Siberia, according to the website of the Irkutsk Scientific Center of [ ... ]

21 Jan 2020
International Arctic station “Snezhinka” is planned to be opened in Yamal in 2022

Scientific station "Snezhinka" is planned to be open in Yamal in 2022, according to TASS. The purpose of the station is conducting international research, including research on renewable energy.

“This [ ... ]

17 Jan 2020
Interview NBC Sakha with the acting Executive Director of the Northern Forum Daryana Maхimova

During the NBC Sakha program “Yakutia in the World” acting Executive Director of the Northern Forum Daryana Maximova spoke about the activities of the Northern Forum international organization, its [ ... ]

10 Jan 2020
The extreme expedition “Cold Conquerors” starts in Yakutia

The main locations of the expeditions in the Verkhoyansky ulus are bases “Nelgese”, and in the Oymyakon ulus – “Burustakh”, where the lowest temperatures in the Northern hemisphere of the Earth [ ... ]

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