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SM Nikolaev

“When we talk about the impact of global negative factors – primarily climate ones – that our country’s President Vladimir Putin addressed yesterday, new objectives get special urgency and become today’s necessity in the face of infrastructure problems in the Arctic”. 


Aysen Nikolaev,

Head of Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

14 Jun 2019
The Council for Arctic and Antarctic taking place in Yakutsk

In Yakutsk there is taking place the meeting of the Council for Arctic and Antarctic under the Federation Council of the Russian Federation.

Discussion with federal and regional government about realization [ ... ]

14 Jun 2019
The Russian tricolour flag returned to Yamal after 8 years of travelling around the world

Tricolour around the World, initiated by young Russian compatriots and supported by Yamal-Nenets Department for External Relations, started on April 01, 2011 in Salekhard. Russian compatriots living in [ ... ]

13 Jun 2019
Scientists of the Siberian Federal University tell how to turn the polar village into an autonomous system with a winter garden

Also, students of the university are developing design solutions for housing renovation in Norilsk

Scientists and students of the Siberian Federal University have proposed an infrastructure project for [ ... ]

13 Jun 2019
The Sakha Republic has significantly improved its investment climate

The Sakha Republic (Yakutia) was recognized as one of top twenty Russian regions with the highest GRP and has significantly improved the investment climate in 2018.

It has been reported by Minister of [ ... ]

13 Jun 2019
The Northern Forum Breakout Sessions at the 2019 Arctic Circle Assembly

The Arctic Circle Assembly

The Arctic Circle is the largest network of international dialogue and cooperation on the future of the Arctic. It is an open democratic platform with participation from [ ... ]

13 Jun 2019
Cranes population restore project in Yamal-Nenets A.O.

A program aimed to restore white Siberian crane population is resumed within the framework of the “Yamal-Arctic” project. Four young cranes from the Oka nursery were taken to Salekhard, and [ ... ]

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