Climate Action Newsletter 


Climate Action was specifically established to promote these partnerships because only doing so can solutions be found for the many challenges facing the world’s population and environment.

Our ongoing research programme continually assesses and evaluates what works and what is needed to engage business, governments and public institutions,and  has helped us design and tailor a programme of activity that brings real sustainable value to all corners of the debate.


 Global wind and solar
capacity smashes 1,000
gigawatt barrier
 Gaza’s largest solar plant
will power clean drinking
 Insurance firms failing to
disclose climate risks, says
 Lloyd’s Bank to ditch
financing new coal plants
 Australians want higher renewable
energy target, says poll
 Ireland will raise carbon tax to tackle
climate change




 Featured Event 

 Sustainable Innovation Forum 2018

Where policymakers and technology

innovators meet on the sidelines of COP24

9-10 December, Katowice, Poland

 France approves 720
megawatts of new solar power
 Enel signs deal to build €1.2
billion wind farms in South Africa


 Editor's Top Two 


 California’s latest wildfire
is now ‘largest in state history

 EU offers support to
European farmers fighting
drought conditions