Arctic Relations Circle First Meeting 29 01 2021

Discussions about business cooperation in the Arctic and within the Northern Forum. Joint project of the ArKtiKa Company LLC (Anchorage, Alaska, USA) and the Northern Forum. Participants are from the USA, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Russia.


Geopolitics in the Arctic: Competition or Cooperation?

The Arctic region has long remained unaffected by international politics due to its inaccessibility. However, the rapid melting of the Arctic’s sea ice has opened the door to the possibility of gaining natural resources, forging new trade routes, and establishing military bases. But as with any geopolitical opportunity, there is opportunity for conflict in the Arctic as well. How will the international community respond to signs of greater investment in and militarization of the Arctic, and what is the likelihood of conflict in the region? Join us for a discussion of these developing trends with Alexander Sergunin, Professor of International Relations at the St. Petersburg State University and Higher School of Economics, Russia; Erin Sikorsky, Deputy Director of the Center for Climate and Security and the Director of the International Military Council on Climate and Security; and Duncan Depledge, Lecturer in Geopolitics & Security at the Loughborough University, United Kingdom.


2nd meeting - Arctic Business Relations Circle

3rd meeting - Arctic Business Relations Circle

This month's Arctic Business Relations meeting focuses on economic opportunities for Arctic communities, how to build reputation and partnerships. The owners of companies with an impeccable reputation, representatives of reindeer herders association, commercial and industrial companies, business associations, and regional administrations spoke at the meeting. An active and productive dialogue took place, giving a lot of ideas for the development of cooperation.