Director of Scientific Center for the Study of Arctic Svyatoslav Alekseev, a senior fellow at the institution Andrei Plekhanov and director of interregional Expeditionary Center "Arctic" Konstantin Oschepkov located in Rovaniemi in Finland.


Gazprom awards a contract with competitor NOVATEK, a holder of "Yamal LNG", for delivery of almost 3m tonnes of liquefied natural gas to Asian-Pacific states starting 2017.


Head of the Sakha Republic and Chair of the Northern Forum Egor Borisov has met the Governor of Gangwon Province Choi Moonsoon during an economic investment forum “Invest in the Far East!” held in Seoul early this week. Mr. Borisov and Mr. Choi have discussed a variety of topics of Sakha-Gangwon cooperation – innovation policies, medicine, sports, tourism development and others. Gangwon Province representatives have recently visited Sakha Republic to attend the International conference on sustainable development in the Arctic. Mr. Choi has promised that Gangwon Province will arrange a delegation to participate in the Northern Forum General Assembly in Yakutsk in September 2015 and is welcome to meet Sakha delegations in Gangwon any time. Gangwon capital city Pyeonchang is the next Winter Olympics host city, scheduled on 2018.


Participation of the Northern Forum delegation  in the Arctic Circle Assembly.Reykjavik, Iceland, October 31 – November 2, 2014. Regional Coordinators of the Northern Forum have taken part in plenary and special sessions in the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik, organized by the Icelandic President Olafur Grimsson. The Assembly was held on October 31 – November 2, 2014.


The late Gov. Wally Hickel, in a speech to the United Nations, once posed the question, “Why war, why not big projects?” He went on to call for larger investments in infrastructure development, especially in the Arctic, where lack of infrastructure is a barrier to prosperity. This grand vision included stronger co-operation with Russia and other northern regions.


WASHINGTON, With global warming leading to increased traffic to a vulnerable Arctic, the U.S. Coast Guard is proposing a 4.6-mile wide shipping route through the Bering Strait to try to protect the region. Any accident in the sensitive area can be a major problem and traffic has increased tremendously, so the Coast Guard mapped out a voluntary two-way route — akin to a highway for ships — said agency project officer Lt. Kody Stitz. 


Administration of Nenets AO, Russia and North Norwegian University Hospital held a two-day international science practical conference "Arctic Telemedicine", focused on issues of quality improvement of medical services to the indigenous population of Nenets AO. The event was financed by the Norwegian Healthcare Ministry. This forum engaged a large number of medical professionals and decision makers from Norway, Scotland, Nenets AO etc. and has focused on a variety of topics in this field.


Yakutsk, Sakha Republic hosts the first Mas Wrestling World Cup. 


Third day of the 2014 RCC Meeting was dedicated to the project development of the Northern Forum, moderated by the Acting Executive Director Anastasia Bozhedonova. Ms. Bozhedonova was as well first to present on this day – the presentation was dedicated to a brief outline of current project activities under the auspices of the Northern Forum – currently there are 18 projects within the Northern Forum system or working closely to the Northern Forum, split in three programs. More on these project is in “Projects” section of this website.


Second day of the RCC meeting was dedicated to business cooperation of the Northern Forum with a major share of presenters representing the host town of Akureyri. Business partnership and cooperation has always been an important part of the Northern Forum – not only in financial way, but also in terms of region-to-region relations.


Day one of the Regional Coordinators Committee has been an enlighting, interesting event that brought many ideas alive and sparked discussions. After welcoming speech of the President of Iceland, Mayor of Akureyri city, Program speeches of State of Alaska Lt. Governor and the Sakha External Relations Minister, RCC Chair; first part of the meeting has begun.


2014 Regional Coordinators Committee meeting has begun today in Akureyri, Iceland; following the end of the Arctic Circle assembly in Reykjavik. Welcoming speech of the Open part was delivered by the President of Iceland, Mr. Olafur Ragnar Grimsson.