ice cave 300Iceland is preparing the new attraction for tourists – the longest ice tunnel in Europe.

The 400-meter drive should be finished in several weeks.

chinaEarlier this year, a group of Chinese officials and scientists visited the Norwegian city of Tromso for the ninth Arctic Frontiers conference, where matters related to the northern region were discussed. The meeting brought together 1,400 government officials, scholars and activists from 30 Arctic and non-Arctic countries from January 18 to 23 to discuss climate change and energy matters related to the Arctic. Chinese officials say that China, now the second-largest economy in the world and a major emitter of greenhouse gasses, is important in the fight against the global warming. It and many other Asian nations like Singapore, are also voicing greater concern about environmental changes in the Arctic region, changes they say are beginning to have big impacts on their countries. Norway's minister of foreign affairs, Borge Brende, said China's growing importance in economic affairs and in the scientific community would get it more involved in issues related to the Arctic.

wolf300The environment minister, Åsa Romson of the Green Party, presented the decision together with the minister for rural affairs, Sven-Erik Bucht of the Social Democrats. They claimed that the scientific basis for how Sweden handles the size of its wolf population is questionable.

arctic gas drilling300The Moscow Arctic Summit of Development will be devoted to problems of introduction nano and communication mechanics, to technological break of military-industrial development in a section of needs of the Arctic regions, and also consider discussion of Arctic development as national idea.

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The Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection will study a question of inclusion of Gakkel ridge in the Russian demand on establishment of borders of a continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean.

fbbba56115aed84ffc429afbcf2b7777 LThe Russian Defense Ministry will highlight conditions in the Arctic for the development of the Northern Sea Route, as well as resumes for this research, according to the words of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Army General Valery Gerasimov at the board meeting of the Ministry of Defense.

NADYMNadym is preparing for a competition  of herders Governor's Cup.

Nadym already trails for racing reindeer and a plan showing the location of stalls and tents are developed – all to hold a 20th anniversary Yamal Governor's Cup competition of herders. This year 12 teams have announced their participation from Priuralsky, Krasnoselkup, Shuryshkarsky, Yamal, Nadym, Pur, and Taz Yamal areas. Nadym region will present two teams in sports, the majority of participants - herders from the village Kutopyugan.


The Arctic and Antarctic advisory council at the Federation Council of the Russian Federation approved the plan of work for the forthcoming year. The Advisory at the Federation Council is established on April 29, 2014 for improvement of the legislation in the sphere of implementation of a state policy and ensuring national interests of Russia in the Arctic and Antarctic.


Foreign minister Urmas Paet said today at an Arctic-themed seminar in Tallinn, that Estonia is considering applying for observer status in the Arctic Council.


Bad weather in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky has interrupted work of the regional airport. According to the airport employees, "today all domestic flights cancelled, and as far, none of them also landed and took off." The fate of interregional flights is to be announced.


SAO Chair Vincent Rigby has spoken about the major initiatives of the Canadian chairmanship of the Arctic Council implemented at the moment and plans for the upcoming ministerial meeting of the Arctic Council, where Canada will present the most outstanding achievements made during the chairmanship, which this year moves to the United States (2015-2017).


Subsoil users of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug have increased gold production by 30% in 2014, as compared to the previous year - up to 32 tons total. Silver production declined slightly and amounted to 84% of the 2013 level, or 138.45 tons. This is reported in the Department of Industrial Policy, Construction and Housing Chukotka.