October 17-24 is the time Tyumen City holds an education project on parliament of the youth that raises the prestige of intellectual activities with youth of Yamal; and introducing young Yamal residents to social practice through discussing social problems. Venue of an event is a "Snezhinka" centre.

This event is organized by a department of youth policies and tourism of Yamal. Common leadership over the preparation and organization of the event is done by a District Youth Centre.

The organizers point out that this direction is actively developing in the Arctic region for several years.

Most of the municipalities hold social clubs and promote technology development in education facilities. Debate is a team intellectual game, where speakers must prove their position and defeat their opponents in a specific format, characterized by either the length of speech, order or specifics of a specific argument. Game themes are extremely broad - from social problems to international relations; ethics and economics.

This year has 88 young Yamal residents together, aged 14 to 30. Participants are coming over from practically all municipalities of the Arctic. At the end of the course, participants are getting certificates of the education course completion.

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