ORTO DOIDU Zoo workers and inhabitants prepare for winter frost.

Питомцы зоопарка "Орто дойду" готовятся к зиме

The zoo is currently working as normal despite the average temperature fell to -12C - guests are welcome to come and watch cranes, pheasants, predator birds and even waterfawl birds - despite that the pond is covered with ice, an artificial glade is kept for them to use. 

Brown bears and badgers are in turn preparing for the winter sleep. Brown bears lie dormant  in the second half of November, only to recover in third part of March.

Polar bears, apart from their Brown fellows, do not lie dormant for winter. The guests' favourites do not have an apportunity to swim in the pool already, but this does not disappoint them - the animals are waiting for snowfalls and playing with each other.

Even in the coldest days, one can watch ungulates and birds being active and lively. An exotic world of the tropics is excibited in the Zoo's terrarium.