Annual Report 2022

Dear friends!

The Northern Forum Annual Report - 2022 has been prepared. We have come a difficult but constructive path in the new realities, in the conditions of a rapidly changing international situation.

Undoubtedly, there are losses, but there are many more achievements, thanks to the clear support of the heads of regions, regional coordinators, the effective work of working groups, the Northern Youth Forum, partners, enthusiasts and activists who constantly replenish our ranks. I would especially like to note the invaluable contribution of Goodwill Ambassadors in drawing attention to the Northern Forum, representing the interests of the organization at the highest level.

We will be very glad for the delivering of the report as widely as possible so that cooperation between the regions of different countries grows and develops.

The Northern Forum has a firm foothold for a proactive progression, and this is why, in spite of any cataclysms, we face the future with confidence.

The Commonwealth of Northern and Arctic Regions has always been and will be there!

Please find the Annual Report 2022 here in both English and Russian