"The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has given his consent to the inclusion of the territories of the Berezovsky and Beloyarsky districts into the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. This is a crucial decision - new opportunities and new responsibility for you and me for development and investment. For example, the polar quartz mining project, which receives deep processing in Nyagan. This year, the first contracts for the sale of these products outside the Russian Federation have been signed," Natalia Komarova pointed out.


Here the head of the region also noted the projects in the sphere of tourism. According to Natalia Komarova, 11 organisations providing tourist services are registered in Berezovsky district.


"In three years, 22 thousand tourists have visited the district. I will mention the Ner-Oika base. From year to year, this location is becoming more and more popular. About 500 tourists visit the base every year, including 10 per cent attracted by tour operators," said Natalia Komarova.


The Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova held a meeting with the residents of Berezovo dedicated to the 430th anniversary of the district centre within the framework of her working trip to Berezovsky district.


Welcoming the participants of the meeting, the head of the region drew attention to the fact that today, using about 18 thousand artifacts collected during archaeological expeditions on the territory of the ancient city, the team of the research and production association "Northern Archaeology - 1" is creating a 3D model of Berezovo of the 17th-18th centuries, and the team of the Berezovsky District Museum of Local Lore - an exposition dedicated to the city of Berezovo.


During the meeting, Natalia Komarova emphasised that one of the most significant pages in the history of not only Ugra's Berezovo, but of the entire country, is dedicated to the discovery of the first gas field in Western Siberia. 70 years ago, it was here that the era of large-scale development of Russia's natural resources began.


The Governor recalled the words of Alexander Bystritsky, the discoverer of gas and oil fields, the first head of the Berezovo deep drilling party, who said: "We all came out of Berezovo". As an example, the head of the region cited Sergei Sobyanin, Ruslan Provodnikov, and Alexander Filipenko, who worked in Berezovo as the first secretary of the district party committee.


Speaking about the current stages of Berezovo's development, Natalia Komarova noted that in August 2021, a new bus terminal started operating here, and in May 2024, work on the overhaul of the airport runway will begin.


The business community has been actively involved in the development of the social sphere. The head of the region mentioned the project of Vasily Kanev, a young entrepreneur from Berezovo, aimed at supporting children with disabilities, as well as the initiative of Ala Sofronescu, which improved the tourist infrastructure of the district centre - a comfortable family hotel was opened at the Berezovo bus terminal. In addition, every year new objects of improvement are opened in Berezovo, yard territories are renewed. Among them are Gavriil Epifanovich Sobyanin Park and a roller park.