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It turned out to be a very interesting meeting, a class of professionals from Russia, USA, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Greenland gathered.

Heads of companies, chambers of commerce and industry of Russia, Murmansk region, CERBA (Canada-Eurasia-Russia Business Association), administrations of regions, the Ministry for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic of Russia, the International Institute of Reindeer Herding (Norway), the Arctic Portal.

Dmitry Korostelev, Advisor to the Governor of the Kamchatka, spoke about the regional development strategy, opportunities for partners, infrastructure and plans for the medium term.

Issat Turi, an employee of the International Institute of Reindeer Herding (Norway), presented a vision of the development of reindeer husbandry in the Arctic regions, emphasizing that only the cooperation of reindeer husbandry farms in the Arctic will make it possible for communities to successfully survive and confront global challenges.

Dmitry Bystrov, Regional Director of the Internationa Cooperation Department of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia, introduced the activities of the Chamber in the context of the development of Arctic business cooperation by inviting participants to the First (although in 2013 Murmansk hosted an international conference of the CCI of the Arctic regions, which mainly covered the Northern Europe) an international conference of Arctic, northern CCIs and business associations in Syktyvkar in November 2021.The Northern Forum will be a co-organizer of this event.

Karin Berentsen, Founder and CEO of ARCT (Norway), demonstrated the experience of conducting seminars for entrepreneurs in Norway, which takes into account not only local conditions, but also the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, involving all of us in interactive participation as "project leaders". It was very interesting to know what the requirements are for entrepreneurs.

Alexey Osintsev, General Director of ZAO Ferment, presented a wide range of the company's products obtained as a result of deep processing of reindeer husbandry products. The company with 30 years of experience produces products that have no analogues in the world, to increase immunity, improve health, and achieve high sports results. Many participants had an immediate interest in purchasing the presented drugs.

Tatyana Fedorey, Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Murmansk region, spoke about the activities of the chamber in the field of creating export-oriented products within the framework of a joint project of the European Union, Russia, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the region and business partners. High-quality jams, arctic berry preserves, and a varied assortment of reindeer products have been created.

During the active discussion, many proposals and ideas for cooperation were voiced. Participants highlighted the need to exchange business ideas to help each other succeed. Our American colleagues are looking forward to the opening of regular summer flights Yakutsk - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - Anchorage, they propose to join efforts to soften diplomatic relations between the countries so that business cooperation develops and expands.

Vladimir Vasiliev, Acting Executive Director of the Northern Forum informed the participants about the plans of the Northern Forum. April 21, invited as a speaker of the panel discussion of the Arctic Council with observers. Only 3 observer speakers are invited and each of us will represent our group: observer countries, international observer organizations and non-governmental observer organizations. The Northern Forum is in the third group and we are honored to represent all 13 non-governmental organizations. In addition, observers are invited to submit a short video for the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Arctic with a specific message. We agreed with the meeting participants to include in the video proposals for business cooperation and lowering barriers.

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