(Photo: Northern Forum) Vladimir Vasiliev giving a speech during 10th Youlth Eco Forum

10th International Youth Eco-Forum "Clean City – Clean Planet" under the auspice of the Northern Forum has started its work in Yakutsk, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia.

During 8 days Youth representatives from Khanty-Mansiysk, Yamal-Nenets autonomous okrugs, Sakha Republic, Hokkaido (Japan) and Heihe City (Heilongzhiang, China) will work together to discuss ecological issues of northern cities, sustainable development of the Arctic and exchange opinions, knowledge from very different point of views: from modern cities of Japan, China to nomadic communities in the Arctic tundra.

During the first day participants have made regional presentations and shared information about their regions and nature, environmental activities.
Participants of Youth Eco-Forum have visited Research Station on climate change "Spasskaya Pad" where more than 40 international projects are conducting with participation of scientists from many countries.
Several experts from the Ministry on Nature Protection, the Institute of Biological Problems of Cryolithozone of Russian Academy of Sciences and North-Eastern Federal University will make presentations on Arctic and Sub-Arctic ecology and biodiversity.
They will also visit Lena Pillars National Park which is the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.
Youth Eco-Forum attracts a lot of attention of the Sakha Government and participants will meet ministers of education, nature protection and youth. They will prepare specific presentations on elected ecological problems of Yakutsk and Mayor of Yakutsk City, Mr.Aisen Nikolaev will visit Eco-Forum camp to participate in projects presentations and for open discussions of northern cities development.
Main organizers of the X Youth Eco Forum are Administration of Yakutsk City, Ministry on Federative and External Relations, Ministry of Education, Ministry on Nature Protection, Ministry on Youth and Family Affairs, Children's Centre "Sosnovy Bor".