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Aisen Nikolaev, the head of Yakutia, welcomes the participants of the Northern Sustainable Development Forum, which brought together representatives of 11 countries. From September 24 to 28, the event will become a platform for discussing the problems of the Arctic and finding solutions for its integrated development.

"Dear participants of the Northern Sustainable Development Forum!

Welcome to the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), the hospitable northern region of Russia. These days, Yakutsk is hosting representatives of many Arctic regions of the Russian Federation and foreign countries as well as world-class scientists and experts to comprehensively and thoroughly discuss all aspects of the sustainable development of the Arctic.

The conservation and development of the Arctic is largely due to its fragile ecology, global climate change on the planet. The Arctic issue, in its scale and significance, goes beyond the circumpolar world. Today, more and more foreign countries, which are geographically located far from the North, are showing a state interest in the Arctic.

We are pleased to welcome the new participants of the forum - representatives of the countries of Northeast Asia. With its territorial location, Yakutia unites two macro-regions - the Arctic and Asia. We accept this unique geopolitical role with all responsibility and a conscious understanding of the scope of the work ahead.

I am sure that the Northern Sustainable Development Forum in Yakutsk will become a platform for developing concrete measures to solve global problems related to the development of the Arctic.

Dear friends, I wish you effective work in order to achieve a common goal!"

Aisen Nikolaev, head of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)