Arctic Asia

In September, the Northern Sustainable Development Forum will be launched in Yakutsk, where representatives from China, Japan, and South Korea will take part. How to focus attention on problems of the Arctic?

The idea of ​​the forum came about a year ago, when the University of the Arctic Resource Support Center ANO (established by NEFU) and the Northern Forum Working Group on Regional Adaptation to Climate Change came to the idea of ​​creating an international platform that would deal with the problems of the North-Eastern part of the Arctic, since large international sites are located in the West, but in the East we don’t have one.

The second idea is to draw attention to the Northern Forum international organization. The third idea is the most global - these are the UN sustainable development goals, which were approved in 2015. The role of the forum in the development of the North and the Arctic is significant since we are creating a new platform for a variety of contacts.

The Northern Forum is an international organization uniting precisely the regions. One of the ideas of the international forum is interregional cooperation within the framework of this event so that the forum on sustainable development unites not only interstate contacts, but also interregional ones. We did not conduct a big PR campaign, but still received a large public and expert response. We are more focused on project activities that will develop in the future. We plan to continue working throughout the year on projects that will be announced as part of the forum.