EU PolarNet

EU-PolarNet is the world’s largest consortium of expertise and infrastructure for polar research. Seventeen countries are represented by 22 of Europe’s internationally-respected multi-disciplinary research institutions.

The project is in its last year and is therefore preparing its last major deliverables as e.g. the Integrated European Polar Research Programme on the White paper on European polar infrastructure access and interoperability.

"The main objective of EU-PolarNet is to co-design an Integrated European Polar Research Programme jointly with polar stakeholders. Therefore, we decided to base the Integrated European Polar Research Programme on stakeholder needs and have collected input from many Polar stakeholders on their research requests over the last 4 years. After a long structuring and prioritisation process, we have summarised the societal needs into six overarching chapters, which we call Research Needs, and have identified writing teams including experts from all over Europe. Over the summer, all the teams will translate the needs from the stakeholders into scientific questions which will be integrated in the European Polar Research Programme."

The EU Arctic Cluster met in Brussels and on that meeting it was decided that the Cluster should bring together the insights from various areas of expertise on both Polar Regions. The Cluster will provide one entry to the EU-funded Polar research.

The European Polar Infrastructure Catalogue is available. "EU-PolarNet and EPB teamed up to compile information on all polar facilities operated by European organisations in a single document. COMNAP, INTERACT and EUROFLEETS supported this project with their data.

The catalogue includes a complete database of European polar stations, camps, laboratories, research vessels and aircrafts. To download the catalogue, click here, you can view the online European Polar Infrastructure Database here."

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