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June 28, after the sections, a plenary part of the conference was held. Leading Russian and foreign researchers shared their experience in the field of preservation, revitalization, study and teaching of indigenous languages.

Norma Shorty, Ph.D., Regina University and the University of Alaska, read her report among other foreign guests. Norma is a representative of the Tlingit people. She spoke about the practice of revitalizing the languages ​​of Tlingit and Haida. At the end of her speech, the guest presented gifts to the translators and organizers. A special gift - lynx skin - was presented to Andrei Petrov, President of IASSA, Director of the Arctic Center, University of Northern Iowa (Cedar Falls, USA) with the words: “I give him fur, which the Indians used to supply Russia, and now the circle is closed. This is a kind of symbol of a bridge between my people and Russia, a bridge between our countries.”

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Richard Grounds (Yuchi, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Yuchi Language Project), Cordeliah Kellie (Inuit, Master of Inuit, University of Alaska), Sally Svetzof (Mother Language Coordinator, Aleut International  Association, USA), Marie Saraheimo (doctoral candidate, Master of Arts, University of Helsinki). They shared with the audience their experience in preserving and revitalizing their native languages ​​and increasing the number of their speakers. The guests thanked the organizers of the event for the warm welcome and presented souvenirs made by the masters of their peoples.

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We bring to your attention the greetings of our guests in their native languages.