The Northern Forum Executive Director Vladimir Nikolaevich VASILIEV resigns, following his appointment as the new Sakha Republic (Yakutia) Minister for Federative & External Relations. 

The Northern Forum Executive Director Vladimir Vasiliev began its duty as the minister effective since the 10th of October, following the appointment on this position by Head of the Sakha Republic and Chair of the Northern Forum Egor Borisov. As the Minister of the Chair region, Mr. Vasiliev will also act as the Regional Coordinators Committee Chair, at least until the 2015 General Assembly.

Mr. Vasiliev has been working with the Northern Forum for close to 20 years in different roles and has led the organization as the Executive Director for the last 2 years - leading the organization successfully through the uneasy times. 

Until the new Executive Director is approved by the Board of Governors, Deputy Director Anastasia Bozhedonova will play a role of an Acting Executive Director. All contacts and activities remain unchanged and will keep following the original workplan.