A press conference was held on the results of test expeditions on all-terrain vehicles "Burlak" to settlement of Batagai in winter and to rural locality of Olenyok in summer this year. 


On September 5, 2023, a press conference was held at the Republican Media Center by the participants and organizers of the expedition along the Yakutsk-Olenyok route "Summer tests of the Burlak all-terrain vehicle in Yakutia." The expedition started from the town of Udachny, Mirninsky district, to the village of Olenek, Oleneksky district, the participants covered 300 kilometers of the pilot route. The tests took place in extreme conditions from 8 to 29 August.


During the press conference, the participants said that all-terrain vehicles can replace the air transportation of products and goods to remote hard-to-reach settlements, thereby significantly reducing their cost and expenses from the state budget.




"The vehicle is powerful, runs everywhere, eco-friendly, very comfortable and tolerates heat and cold wonderfully. It can deliver up to 3.5 tons of cargo to hard-to-reach places. LLC "Burlak" plans to increase their production to 30 vehicles per month and they can be of different purposes: cargo and passenger, medical, rescue, expedition, etc. It is pleasant that the active cooperation of the plant with Yakutia began at the Northern Forum on Sustainable Development. LLC "Burlak" is ready to become a business partner of the Northern Forum, which will consolidate the efforts of the regions to improve transport logistics in the North,noted the Executive Director of the Northern Forum Vladimir Vasiliev.


Summer tests of Burlak all-terrain vehicles in extreme conditions were supported by the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of the Arctic of Yakutia, the Yakut branch of the Russian Geographical Society.


Based on the results of the tests, the expedition members came to the conclusion that in Yakutia it is necessary to create a concept for providing small settlements with affordable products and a single all-terrain company that could train drivers and have a spare parts warehouse and a service center.