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On December 9-10, 2021 Kamchatka krai hosted the Northern Forum’s Regional Coordinators Committee (RCC) meeting. Regional coordinators made a review of questions related to the Northern Youth Forum (NYF). They have approved the new edition of the Northern Youth Forum’s Regulations. The Regulations defines main goal, objectives and areas of activities of the Northern Youth Forum. It also defines the structure.

A lot of work has been done since the establishment of the Northern Youth Forum, and its activities are expanding.  Coordinator of the Youth Northern Forum Savina Alekseeva presented the activity report for 2021 and the work plan of the Youth Northern Forum for 2022-2023.

In compliance with the request from the coordinators and the protocol of the general meeting of the Northern Youth Forum dated November 27, 2021, the Executive Director of the Northern Forumproposed the Regional Coordinators Committee to approve the new edition of the Northern Youth Forum’s Regulations and to appoint the Chair, Vice Chair, Regional Coordinators, and Coordinators for the areas of activities.     

RCC resolved to appoint Savina Alekseeva, Head of Partnership and Accelerator Programs Department at Yakutia Venture Company, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia, the Chair of the Northern Youth Forum and Alexandra Ponomareva, Head of the Department for Arctic Cooperation of Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University International Office, Leading specialist at the Northern Forum Secretariat, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia, the Vice Chair of the Northern Youth Forum. 

The following people has been appointed as the coordinators for the areas of activities the Northern Youth Forum:

  • Culture, Tourism and Territories Promotion – Darya Burnasheva, Associate Professor at the Folk Artistic Culture Chair of the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts 
  • Human Capital – Irina Dranaeva, Head of International and Interregional Cooperation Department of the Arctic State Agrotechnological University  
  • Volunteering and Internships - Sardana Zhendrinskaya – Chair of the Youth Branch of the Women’s Organizations Union of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) 
  • Economy, Innovations and Entrepreneurship – Ekaterina Sofroneeva, PhD student, University of Vaasa (Finland), Member of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly 
  • Climate Change and Ecology – Ivan Khristoforov, Leading researcher at the Mammoth Fauna Recovery and Processing Lab of Yakut Scientific Center SB RAS, Leading researcher at the Engineering Geocryology Lab of the Permafrost Institute SB RAS

The following people has been appointed as Regional Coordinators of the Northern Youth Forum: 

  • Antonina Vesnina, 3rd year student of Volkov Nenets Technical College of Agriculture and Economics - Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Russia
  • Jonathan Wood, LLM Candidate in Polar Law at the University of Akureyri – Akureyri, Iceland 
  • Evgenia Titovskaya, Deputy Head of Department, Head of External Economic Activities and Export Support Unit of the External Relations and Science Department of the External Relations Department of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Russia
  • Sardana Syromyatnikova, NEFU employee – Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
  • Yulia Zaitseva, Assistant to the Member of the 7th Convocation State Duma of the Russian Federal Assembly A. Sidorov in KHMAO-Yugra on a permanent basis (with a place of employment in Surgut) – Khanty-Mansyisk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra      

Deputy Director of the Northern Forum Daryana Maximova was appointed as the Northern Youth Forum Supervisor from the Northern Forum Secretariat.