Today, marking the birthday of the first President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Mikhail Nikolaev, the results of the Nikolaev Forum were announced.


More than 70 participants and experts from over 30 districts of the republic developed their proposals for updating the strategy of socio-economic development of Yakutia until 2032 with a target vision until 2050. At the end of the forum, the winner was the team that developed proposals for the development of a non-resource export-oriented economy.


Representatives of the Northern Youth Forum took part in the event. "We were united by a common goal - to immortalize the memory of Yakutia's first President. Common ideas, knowledge and enthusiasm helped to create a real spirit of solidarity and unity. We can say with confidence that joint efforts can indeed lead to great results. We hope that the communication started here will continue and lead to further cooperation, as well as inspire new projects and initiatives," said Diana Martynova, a representative of the Northern Youth Forum.


Open conversations with the republic's authorities took place on the Forum's margins over the course of three days. Educational seminars aimed at studying the main document of the region's development were also held.


Forum participants were divided into five areas according to the strategic goals of the republic's strategy: "Globally competitive basic sectors of the economy", "High standard of living", "Effective management of territories", "Conservation of nature for future generations and the whole world" and "Development of non-resource export-oriented economy". Each team developed projects aimed at unlocking Yakutia's socio-economic potential.


As a result of the forum, the team with the participation of Tatiana Nikolaeva, Project Manager of the Northern Forum Secretariat, became the winner. "We proposed several projects to develop Yakutia's non-resource export-oriented economy. One of the projects was the creation of a Branding Center, which could improve the public's image in the foreign market. Another, equally interesting project was the creation of a satellite city. This is an extremely urgent topic, as President Vladimir Putin has recently given a number of instructions to create satellite cities in Russia," said Tatiana Nikolaeva.


Mikhail Nikolaev is the First President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) (1991-2002), Chairman of the Northern Forum (1997-2001). Mikhail Nikolaev is rightfully considered, along with the Governor of Alaska Walter Hickel, as one of the founders of the Northern Forum. He invested maximum efforts to make the organization one of the authoritative international organizations of the North and the Arctic.