The Secretariat of the Northern Forum donated 2 chainsaws, respirators, first aid kits to the public volunteer headquarters of Yakutia against the forest fires.

The public volunteer headquarters of Yakutia against the forest fires is located at Ordzhonikidze St., 28, Yakutsk, Sakha Republic (Yakutia) 677000.


Today there are 155 ongoing forest fires throughout the territory of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) with total area of 3.36 million hectares. Fires have begun to appear dangerously close the settlements, with a high risk of spreading over them. By now, the fires have already caused devastations. According to approximate estimates, the total damage caused by the fires is more than 1 billion rubles (13 598 652 USD).

The Northern Forum brings together regions not only for a common dialogue, but also for solving common problems and provide assistance in crisis situations.

In this regard, the Northern Forum Secretariat announces the beginning of accepting any humanitarian supply (essential goods) as well as financial support. Money transfers are taken to the checking account of the Association for the Promotion of the Northern Territories Development (The Northern Forum Academy, The Northern Forum Secretariat).


Bank details for US dollars transfers:

Name of account holder: Arctic Portal - Arcdata ehf.
Address: Radhustorg 7, 600 Akureyri, Iceland
Bank: Arionbank, Glerartorg, 600 Akureyri, Iceland
IBAN number: ISO40370381020836409190350


Bank details for RUB transfers:

Получатель: Ассоциация по содействию развитию северных территорий «Академия Северного Форума»
БИК 040507871
Сч. № 40603810846640000000
Сч. № 30101810300000000871
ИНН 1435125769
КПП 143501001


List of essential goods:

1. Personal protective equipment
2. Disinfectants
3. Antiseptics
4. Wet wipes
5. Dry wipes
6. Toilet soap
7. Laundry soap
8. Tooth paste
9. Toothbrush
10. Toilet paper
11. Sanitary napkins
12. Washing powder
13. Baby diapers
14. Matches
15. Candles
16. Newborn diaper
17. Shampoo for children
18. Cream for diaper rash for children
19. Feeding bottle
20. Pacifier
21. Automobile gasoline
22. Diesel fuel
23. Gas fuel (compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas)
24. Pet supplies (including animal feed and veterinary medicines).


Essencial goods may be send to the address of the Northern Forum Secretariat:

677000, Республика Саха (Якутия), г.Якутск, ул. Курашова, 24, Общественный центр РС (Я), офис 407, 407а
24 Kurashov Str., Suite 407, 407a, Public Centre, Yakutsk 677000, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia
Tel: +7 (4112) 50-84-50; e-mail: ; www.northernforum.org