Yesterday a meeting was held with the Governor of Uvurkhangai Province of Mongolia, I. Dorjsuren, and the Governor of Kharkhorin soum (administrative-territorial unit into which aimags of Mongolia have been divided since 1924) of this province, G. Odgerel.


Plans for joint work were discussed, as well as issues related to signing agreements on the aimag's entry into the Northern Forum and brotherhood between Kharkhorin soum and Verkhoyansk and Nam districts of Yakutia.


Governor Dorjsuren informed that they are planning to hold an Business Forum in the aimag capital, Arvaikheer, on February 25-26 of this year. The dates have finally been confirmed.


In this regard, the Secretariat of the Northern Forum is accepting applications for participation in the Business Forum, which will be of interest to anyone who would like to learn more about Mongolia, opportunities, and prospects for business cooperation in various fields. Applications and proposals for participation can be sent to the Secretariat of the Northern Forum at .