The Northern Forum will take part in the 28th UN Climate Change Conference from 30 November to 12 December 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).


This year the Northern Forum has 14 quotas for participation in the largest conference in the world. For comparison, last year we had 2 quotas.


The Northern Forum pays significant attention to issues of climate change and emergency situations. Over the years, the Northern Forum has held climate summits and seminars.


Currently, on behalf of the Chairman of the Northern Forum, Governor of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra Natalya Komarova, the Information and Coordination Center is being created at the Yugra State University to study and resolve climate issues. The international expert group will also be created.


At the Northern Sustainable Development Forum (NSDF), climate change is a key topic.


The Northern Forum, as an observer of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, is ready to make a significant contribution to the common cause.