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Vladimir Vasilyev: Yesterday I met Vyacheslav Filippov, the author of books about the heroes of AlSIB, the history of aviation (not only in his native Krasnoyarsk Territory, but also in Russia).


Currently Vyacheslav Filippov works in Moscow, in the Federal Air Transport Agency. He arrived in Yakutsk to participate in the preparation of a joint expedition of the Russian Geographical Society and the Ministry of Defense, aimed at exploring AlSIB airports.


At the beginning of 2022, at the request of AlSIB enthusiasts, we organized an international round table with the participation of representatives of Chukotka, Magadan, Yakutia, Krasnoyarsk, Murmansk, Alaska, Seattle and discussed events for the 80th anniversary of AlSIB. During the year, many events and actions were held in the Russian regions with the involvement of a large number of young people and schoolchildren. They planned to create the AlSIB Association under the auspices of the Northern Forum. Apparently, it's time to renew this idea.


Vyacheslav Filippov raised a very topical issue of creating a museum of the history of aviation in Yakutia, the contribution of Yakutia to AlSIB. There is a small aviation museum in the House of Culture named after Y.A. Gagarin, but this is more of an exposition, not a museum, there are exhibits in the DOSAAF, at the search engines. We agreed to start consultations and then organize a round table within the framework of the 5th Northern Forum on Sustainable Development in November. We hope that everything will work out and a museum will appear in Yakutsk, telling about the unprecedented feat of pilots, mechanics, technicians, everyone who helped build and ensure round-the-clock and year-round operation of airfields. The theme of the air ferry route Alaska-Siberia, the selfless work of the Yakut people, along with military pilots, can become an excellent direction in the patriotic education of children and youth.


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It was a pleasure to receive the badge for the 80th anniversary of the Krasnoyarsk air route Alaska-Siberia number 26 from Vyacheslav Filippov.


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More information about the activities and books of V.V. Filippov can be found here: