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The Northern Forum informs about continuing its operation in accordance with the tasks set for the year, with possible adjustments. The Secretariat conducts analytical work and develops proposals for improving the Development Strategy and widening the scope of the Northern Forum. 

The Northern Forum also informs that Lapland has temporarily suspended its Chairmanship. The Secretariat understands the Northern Forum Chair’s notice and expresses its appreciation for maintaining Lapland’s membership and willingness to maintain communications to resume cooperation.

In connection with the Special Military Operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine and the impossibility of using Meta communication products in Russia, the Northern Forum Secretariat will use the Northern Forum website and Telegram and VKontakte social media accounts as the main communication sources. Maintenance of other social media accounts will be organized through our foreign partners.

Despite the complex geopolitical situation, the Northern Forum intends to enhance international cooperation between the regions of the world to achieve sustainable development and improve the quality of life of people on the planet.