Vera Kondratieva, Goodwill Ambassador of the International Organization of Northern Regions "Northern Forum", participant of the Eurasian Association of Regional Women Leaders, member of the Public Chamber of Ugra, head of the public cultural organization of indigenous minorities of the NorthyerMaMykhem" took part in the round table session "People's Diplomacy through Cultural Dialogue of Finno-Ugric.


She presented the project "North for Victory. Everyone for the Cause of Peace", the main goal of which, according toher opinion, is to preserve the memory of the exploits of the indigenous people of the North.


"Covering historical events and facts of the Great Patriotic War, we appreciate the contribution of the North to the outcome of the Great Victory. The project has become a platform for communication and international humanitarian co-operation, bringing together like-minded people from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, China, Tajikistan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Belarus and Serbia. It is not insignificant that the project unites young people, non-governmental organisations and attracts the attention of foreign audience, namely our compatriots," Vera Kondratieva shared. 


It was she who initiated the launch of the project in 2020. Since then, the annual International Media Expedition "Victory in Our Hearts" on rare GAZ M-20 cars "Victory is One for All", the patriotic exhibition "North for Victory. Everyone for the cause of peace".


Representatives of the Literary Newspaper of Moscow, heads and initiators of international projects implemented in Ugra, foreign experts also took part in the round table "People's Diplomacy through Cultural Dialogue of Finno-Ugric Peoples".