December 2-3 - Ninth Russian-Chinese Academic Meeting on the Arctic topics of 2020

Start: 10:00 (Moscow time)

Platform: ZOOM

English language

Within the framework of cooperation between St. Petersburg State University and the Oceanic University of China (Qingdao, China) the ninth Russian-Chinese academic meeting on the Arctic theme 2020 will be held of the year. During the meeting, experts from the two countries will discuss the main topics of the Russian-Chinese strategic partnership:

- Mechanisms and ways of scientific research cooperation in the Arctic

- Development of Arctic biological resources and the use of medicinal plants in

Chinese medicine and in Russia

- Challenges and opportunities in the field of Arctic energy interaction

- Environmental cooperation

Panel One:

Mechanism and Ways of Sino-Russian Arctic Research Cooperation

Discussion topics are planned to include: How to build a new platform for Sino-Russian Arctic scientific research cooperation or make full use of existing scientific platforms? What concerns does Russia have about China-Russia cooperation in Arctic science and technology? What are the main obstacles to SinoRussian Arctic scientific cooperation? How can the two countries overcome these obstacles?

Panel Two:

Development of Arctic Biological Resources and Utilization of Chinese Herbal Medicine in China and Russia

Discussion topics are planned to include: Sort out the basic types of traditional Chinese medicine in the Russian Arctic, show the research and development status of Russian Arctic Chinese medicine, and explore the field of Sino-Russian Arctic Chinese medicine cooperation. Study the potential and methods of China and Russia for medical cooperation in the Arctic region. Challenges and Solutions for Sino-Russian Arctic Energy Cooperation

Panel Three:

Discussion topics are planned to include: Looking back at the history and current situation of energy cooperation between the two countries, what achievements have China and Russia achieved in Arctic energy cooperation, and what experiences and lessons can be summed up? Does this experience have “universal applicability”-it should be applied to energy cooperation or other industrial cooperation in other regions of China and Russia. What challenges will the two countries face in Arctic energy cooperation in the future? What is the future trend of Sino-Russian Arctic energy cooperation?

Panel Four:

Sino-Russian Arctic Environmental Protection Cooperation

Discussion topics are planned to include: What achievements have been made in Russian Arctic environmental research? What are the challenges facing the Russian Arctic environment? What are the existing Russian environmental research projects? What are the entry points for China and Russia to cooperate in the field of Arctic environmental protection? The status quo of Sino-Russian cooperation in Arctic permafrost research.

Acting Executive Director V. Vasiliev and I. Bysykatova-Kharmi and S. Rosenfeld will speak on behalf of the Northern Forum.

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