School of life in the north

Terms and Conditions of international Online Olympiad “School of Living in the North”

     Municipal budgetary educational institution "Berdigestyakhsk secondary school named after A. N. Osipov" Berdigestyah offers students of the northern regions to participate in the international online Olympiad "School of Living in the North" in English. The online Olympiad "School of Living in the North" in English for students is held as part of the events of the international organization "Northern Forum", with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Institute for Education Development and Advanced Training of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

1.      Terms and Conditions

1.1.   Present Terms and Conditions of international Online Olympiad “School of Living in the North” in the English language (Terms) define the status, the aim of the online-Olympiad (Olympiad) and its procedure.

1.2.   Aim: development of interactive methods and information technologies in studying languages, aimed to raise students’ interest to creative and researchable activities, focused on northern life values, international cooperation and successful socialization in the modern world.

1.3.   Objects:

  • Exposure and development to the culture, formed by harsh northern conditions of living.
  • Develop students’ researchable activities.
  • Develop students’ foreign communicative competence.
  • Find and support talented, creative children and youth.

1.4. Address:

International distance Online Olympiad “School of Living in the North” is held on the website of Municipal General Education Budgetary Institution “Berdigestyakh secondary General Education school”   https://www/berdschool/com/mezhdunarodnaya-proektnaya-olimpiad>



  • Students of the Northern Forum’s regions aged 8-18 years old are able to take part in the Olympiad.


  • Organizational and Methodological Support
  • Coordination of the Olympiad is held by the Organizing Olympiad Committee (the Organizing Committee)
  • The Organizing Committee:
  • Sets the rules of the Olympiad.
  • Provides direct conduct of the
  • Asserts Regulations of the Olympiad and controls its implementation.
  • Forms groups of experts.
  • Approves the winners list.
  • Sends certificates and diplomas to the local coordinator by e-mail.
  • Olympiad Experts
  • Check and evaluate paper


  • Content, Rules and Regulations

Dates of Olympiad: 1 December, 2020 – 20 December, 2020

The Olympiad has two sections:

The first section (test) is carried out in the form of tests on the English language and on the certain subjects in English (biology, physics, mathematics, history, geography). Test length is 60 minutes.

The second section (meta-subject) takes the form of work on the meta-subject task. Works should be attached in the website of the Olympiad and should be sent.

Each section is evaluated separately. A student may participate in one or two sections on their choice.

Results of the test will be announced on 9 April, 2018.

Results of the meta-subject Olympiad will be announced in a month (12 January) 2021.

Application forms are sent to e-mail:

Participants` certificates and winners` diplomas are sent during a week after the winners are announced over the Internet.

  • Results are made by following age groups:
  • Junior: 8-10
  • Middle: 11-14
  • Senior: 15-18


  • For Olympiad participation a local coordinator accepts written agreement from lawful representatives (parents, guardians etc.) and keeps the form (the signature of the lawful representative can be authorized by a principal). A local coordinator sends the application form (Attachment 1) to the Organizing Committee, receives instructions, participants’ logins and passwords.
  • Local coordinator creates a working committee to organize a place for a group of participants with Internet access;
  • Sent application automatically means representatives` agreement on student`s participation in the Olympiad.
  • Test results are automatically displayed in one day after the Olympiad on the websites of Ministry of Education of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) and the Berdigestyakh school com
  • A meta-subject task is evaluated by experts.Test results are displayed in one month after the Olympiad on the websites of Ministry of Education of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) and the Berdigestyakh school com
  • There is no payment for taking part in the Olympiad.
  • The Olympiad is held in the English Language.
  • Rewarding
    • All Olympiad participants will receive a Certificate of Participants.
    • Winners will be chosen in each group and rewarded by diploma 1st degree, prize winners – diplomas.


  • Funding
    • Financial providing of the Olympiad is based on sponsors and charity accounts of the particip

Information for Participants about Olympiad “School of Living in the North”

We invite teachers to take part in Olympiad “School of Living in the North” as a part of the project “School Partnership” under the support a non-governmental non-profit organization Northern Forum. Project has worked since 2008. This project and the Olympiad is organized and coordinated by the work group of Yakutsk City National Gymnasium.

Life on the North, experience and culture of living in extreme natural and climate conditions are factors for development, cooperation and consolidation in different spheres of lifestyle in Northern countries.

Northern territories take a part in realization of global projects: transportation, energetic, communication and education. Northern areas are one of the most important resources. Life on the North becomes a factor of social and economic development of northern regions and other countries.

This field, life experience on the North which is collected by peoples who live in Northern regions and saved it is the value of knowledge of Northern life.

Project “School of living in the North” is aimed to actualize this social situation to create conditions for cooperation and for distribution of Northern lifestyle.

Project’s idea: lessons how to live on the North:

  • Eat
  • Dress
  • Study
  • Develop

Project has special relevance especially in a case of life’s reform of modern society especially in education sphere. These days education is a field of successful socialization of children. This project allows teachers to extend social and cultural fields, use the project activities as an instrument that aimed on encouraging students’ creativity, developing their skills. Olympiad "School of Life in the North" can be regarded as an independent education quality assessment.

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