The International youth forum-festival Peace Worldwide! has traditionally opened its doors in the Republic of Bulgaria in the town of Kiten from 23 August till 28 August 2019.

 Participants of the forum are more than 200 socially active youth aged 18-30 from Yamal and 23 regions of Russia, CIS countries and far abroad.

Aleksander Mazharov, deputy governor, director of the department for external relations, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, underlined that the forum has become a platform for international cooperation for Russian youth and compatriots abroad. Targeted at young people with the active civil position the forum gives the participants an opportunity to acquire knowledge and broaden their experience in various fields of cooperation to promote Russian language and culture.

 In 2019 the forum–festival commemorates 150 years of Mendeleev’s periodic table of chemical elements. The venue Elementary particles of Russia gives an opportunity to discover Russia through its history, language, ethnocultural background, religious beliefs, and modern realities.

Participants of the forum immersed themselves in shows, live concerts, and performances, intellectual games, meetings and discussions with invited specialists and guest speakers from Russia and abroad.

The festival part comprised events devoted to the Year of the Theater in Russia including meetings and interactive workshops with famous actors and theatre directors. The creation of a network Formula for Peace devoted to 75-anniversary of the Victory in the Second World War became the culmination point of the forum.

The International youth forum-festival Peace Worldwide is organized by the Yamal-Nenets department for external relations and the department for youth policy and tourism.

More information on the website of the forum at http://forumyamal.ru, in social media at https://vk.com/forumfestival, https://www.facebook.com/groups/interyamal, https://www.instagram.com/festforum.

Photos are provided by the Yamal-Nenets department for external relations.