RAPP 2019


24th Annual Meeting Russian American Pacific Partnershipwill take place in Khabarovsk, Russia on June 26-27, 2019.

Khabarovsk will host the 24th Annual Meeting Russian American Pacific Partnership (RAPP). The preliminary program and list of participants are posted on a website of regional Ministry of economic development.

The Russian American Pacific Partnership (RAPP) – formerly the U.S. West Coast–Russian Far East Ad-Hoc Working Group – was established in 1994 to encourage commercial cooperation between the U.S. West Coast and the Russian Far East. Russian leaders selected the Russian Far East as a development priority for the nation, and saw the U.S. West Coast as the natural partner, based on geographic proximity and the wealth of common industry-sectors and similar histories.

Annual forums are held in one, then in another country. Last year it was hosted by Anchorage, Alaska, and the year before last - by Yakutsk.

The RAPP forum is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

The list of participants includes leaders and members of the governments of the Russian Far Eastern Federal Districtregions, business companies, officials of federal structures, representatives of the American establishment. The main part of the events will be held in the House of official receptions of the Khabarovsk Krai. Amur River cruise is also scheduled as a part of program.

Source: https://minec.khabkrai.ru/events/Novosti/5580