Natural resourses of the Far East Russia

Interactive map "Natural resources of the Far East of Russia"

This autumn, specially for the exhibition stand of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia at the Eastern Economic Forum, the Russian Center “Mineral” developed a new interactive map “Natural Resources of the Far East of Russia”, which in a modern convenient form presents key data in the following areas of activity:

• Mineral resources;
• Forest;
• Ecotourism.

Since the opening of the Eastern Economic Forum, this map is publicly available on the Internet at

Proposed solution allows you to efficiently organize and present a significant amount of digital cartographic information in such a way that two basic actions can be carried out as simply and intuitively as possible:

1. Get a general idea of ​​the selected territory regardless of its scale in the context of user requests;
2. If necessary, detail the data of interest, moving to a larger scale.