On October 9 the Youth Eco Forum (YEF) participants visited lecture by Mike Brook, the lead software architect for LEO Network.

LEO is a network of local observers and topic experts who share knowledge about unusual animal, environment, and weather events. With LEO, you can connect with others in your community, share observations, raise awareness, and find answers about significant environmental events. You can also engage with topic experts in many different organizations and become part of a broader observer community.

LEO presentation was especially interesting to that YEF participants, who made a report on Arctic biodiversity. For example, delegation from Abiy district (Sakha republic, Russia) during the YEF had a report on Crane-likes of the  North-East of Yautia (on the example of the Abyiskiy lowland), and discussed this topic with Mike Brook.


So how to become a part of LEO?

Join: The first step is to join and set up your personal profile. The profile allows you to archive your posts, receive badges as you gain knowledge, track materials you have published, and connect with other LEO Network members.

Explore: As a member, you can search the database on the website or on the LEO Reporter App. Or use the search engine on the LEO Map, to learn about recent observations. See the 'Explore' feature on the website banner to search the database by topic, time, or location. The results of your search will pop up on the map and in the chronological observation list.

Observe: Members can also make observations. When you have an event to share, Click the ‘Make Observation’ button. A series of prompts will help you to share your photos and story. If you are outside a cellular service area, don't worry. Using LEO Reporter App, you can still make your observation and it will upload automatically when service is restored.


Review: Once an observation has been submitted, your observation is reviewed by our editorial team. If selected, it will be published to LEO Map where it can be viewed by the entire network membership. Your observation may also be selected for a special consult, where topic experts comment on your post based on their knowledge or expertise. (Info is taken from www.leonetwork.org)

LEO contacts:

Phone: 907-729-2464
Website: www.leonetwork.org