The Northern Forum Executive Mikhail Pogodaevtook part in the international conference “In the Spirit of the Rovaniemi Process” in Arctic capital of Lapland, Finland – Rovaniemi.

2nd Local and Global Arctic 2015 International Conference is organized by city of Rovaniemi, Unviersity of Lapland, Arctic Research Center and Arctic society of Finland.

Strategy of Arctic environment protection. Also known as “Rovaniemi Process” since its inception in 1991 was dedicated to overcome disagreements and transformation of militarized area of tension into a region of peace and cooperation. Arctic states supported by Indigenous organizations have set a base for creation of Arctic identity through efforts in environment protection, and later sustainable development. This strategy was later applied to launch the Arctic Council of 8 Arctic states and 6 indigenous peoples organizations.

Today factors that influence the Arctic from outside, force us to value the way chosen in Rovaniemi two decades ago, even more. This way is marked with closer scientific cooperation, close connection between people and connections in business and art.

This year’s Conference main theme is Local and Global Arctic. Approximately 260 participants attended at the events of this conference; within this number were politicians, representatives of regional and national author20151125_214414ities, scientists, business people, representatives of the indigenous peoples’ organizations and public. Issues of cooperation on global, regional and local levels in the Arctic in context of impact of global processes on viability of communities in the Arctic. Participants also discussed role of organizations such as the Arctic Council, Barents Regional Council, Council of Nordic Ministers, European Union and others.

Mikhail Pogodaev has met Lapland Governor Mika Riipi during the conference and discussed pespectives of restoration of Lapland membership with the Northern Forum. Lapland has been a key region in international circumpolar cooperation and has played a notable role in unification of the Northern regions’ governors. Governor of Lapland has confirmed intentions of his region to restore Lapland membership and has assured this process will end timely.

20151125_195615Also, Mikhail Pogodaev took part in the Uarctic Board meeting with information on implementation of Uarctic-Northern Forum agreement; and also presented work held by the Uarctic Institute of circumpolar reindeer husbandry.

As a World Reindeer Herders chair, Mikhail Pogodaev has spoken on a regular meeting of BEBO association of professional education institutions for development of reindeer husbandry. This network includes institutions of professional and university education that prepare specialists for traditional economic activities of the indigenous peoples of the North. Within them is a Sami education institute from Inari, Finland, Yamal Polar Agroeconomical college from Salekhard, Russia, Nenets Agroeconomical college from Naryan-Mar, Russia, Taimyr college from Dudinka, Arctic college of peoples of the North from Chersky and many others.