Musicians of Vy’sey the Yamal folk group participated in the festival of folk music Rivenstone 2014 in Dartmoor, Great Britain.

Tatiana Lar and Hadry Okotetto received the invitation from the independent musical company Seventh Wave Music (Great Britain) which is interested in preservation and promotion of a variety of culture of the world.

This year the festival met musicians from Great Britain, Russia, USA and Japan. Besides presentation of the performing art participants held six master classes for guests of the holiday.

The particular interest caused the Hills of Wild Horses and Ancient Deer’s Tracks in which his authors told about nomadism of reindeer-herders in the Arctic and similarity of the ancient nomadic people.

All participants of the festival could also make ancient amulets using beads, fabric and other improvised materials, and try to sing ancient songs and so on.

The Rivenstone festival is held since 2000.

Source: http://www.arctic-info.ru/news/12-09-2014/tradicionnyu-kyl_tyry-amala-predstavili-na-festivale-v-velikobritanii