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The festival is doing a Nordic tour over the next few months, making stops in Greenland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Faroe Islands. 

When you think of Greenland, what comes to mind? Slaughtered whales and alcoholism? Ice? That’s about all I’ve got. 
But then again, I’m working with very limited data here – my concept of Greenland has been shaped almost entirely by that episode of Borgen when Birgitte goes to the country and is heartbroken by all the despair she witnesses. 
I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that there’s a bit more to the country than that. On that note, good news, folks: the Greenland Eyes International Film Festival is coming to Copenhagen next week!  

On September 18, the festival will kick off at 7pm with Nuumioq (6.8 on IMDB). 

It is a story about a working class man who is diagnosed with cancer just as he discovers the love of his life. He is faced with a difficult decision: either stay with his lover or go to Denmark in search of medical treatment – a poignant dilemma that sheds light on the realities of life in Greenland. 
After the screening, there will be Greenlandic snacks and drinks. 
Do you know anything about Greenlandic cuisine? Me neither, but apparently their national dish is Suaasat, a potato and onion soup traditionally made with seal, whale, reindeer or sea birds.

The rest of the festival will include a variety of screenings of films that you’ve probably never heard of (And the authorities said stop, Violence Done Well, Upside Down and The Sixth) but will undoubtedly open your eyes to a very interesting country.

On Friday September 19 from 1-4pm, there is a symposium at Copenhagen University with the theme ‘thoughts on reconciliation’. 
The festival is leaving town on September 24, so be sure to catch some of the action while it’s still around.


Source: http://cphpost.dk/news/discovering-greenland-through-the-silver-screen.10833.html