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On July 7-8, Khanty-Mansiysk hosted the events of the 15th General Assembly of the Northern Forum: round tables of new working groups on Arctic tourism and quality of life assessment, the Russian-Asian Consortium for Arctic Research (RACAR), meetings of the Committee of Regional Coordinators and the Board of Governors of the Northern Forum.


It is necessary to mention the constructive and practical orientation of many presentations of the round tables, which are to be systematized, the most promising ones to be selected and prepared for implementation. For example, the creation of the International Network of Schools of the Northern Forum, the educational program "Sustainable Development of the Arctic", the residence of the characters of winter and cold, the holding of gastronomic weeks of the regions of the Northern Forum in different countries, sociological research in various areas of regional development, etc.


A voluminous work plan has been approved until the end of the year, priority areas for subsequent years have been outlined, which will significantly expand the scope and directions of activities.


We are glad to return to the Northern Forum and express our gratitude to the leadership of the Magadan Region, the Khabarovsk Territory, the Jewish Autonomous Region for the positive decision.


The list of business partners has been replenished with three organizations from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Chuvash Republic: JSCB Almazergienbank JSC, Nord Power LLC - Urdel active recreation park and Teplorium LLC.



We have already begun to work out joint actions with each new business partner. Our task is to establish and intensify real business and economic cooperation between the regions of the Northern Forum and different countries of the world.


The Institute of Goodwill Ambassadors of the Northern Forum has been replenished with top-level experts from Russia and the USA. Preparation for the International Polar Year, involvement of the regions of the southern countries, cooperation with large companies, integration into the global climate change movement - this is a far from complete list of areas in which the new ambassadors intend to assist the Northern Forum.


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The main event of the General Assembly was the Board of Governors, which formalized the chairmanship of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra in the Northern Forum, the Governor of Yugra Natalya Komarova was elected Chair of the Board of Governors. Lapland suspended its chairmanship in March 2022, which created certain difficulties in its activities. We managed to overcome the crisis in the management of the organization with a big help of Nenets Autonomous Area. We express our gratitude to the Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Area, Yuri Bezdudny. He showed a great example of promptitude to continue serving as Deputy Chairman.


Ugra has resumed the practice of adopting the Chairmanship Program, which clearly spells out the objectives for the two-year term, the main emphasis is on economic cooperation and project activities.


The Committee of Regional Coordinators adopted resolutions on the admission of new business partners and the approval of the heads of working groups. The Board of Governors adopted 11 resolutions that approved the chair region, the structure of managing parts, changes in statutory documents, reports and plans, the budget, new ambassadors, support for the activities of the Russian-Asian Consortium for Arctic Research (RACAR) and recognized the achievements of a number of activists with the highest award of the Northern Forum - the medal named after Walter Hickel, the founder of our organization.


The Committee of Regional Coordinators will meet for a final meeting in December in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the meeting will be timed to coincide with the III Moiseev Readings.


We are very grateful to everyone who took part in person and online, and we are pleased to note how rapidly the Northern Forum team is growing, attracting real professionals who are passionate about the cause and the development of international interregional cooperation.

For any challenges, our team is able to find the right solutions, new forms and tools of interaction.


На любые вызовы наша команда умеет находить правильные пути решения, новые формы и инструменты взаимодействия.


Join us and contribute to the noble mission of improving the quality of life and promoting the sustainable development of the regions! The Northern Forum unites!


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