Tourism in Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

Name of tour: Fishing for taimen “Taming the river tiger”

Taimen is a freshwater fish. It is a large predatory fish of the salmon family known as "river tiger". Some of them can reach a size of more than one meter long and weigh more than sixty kilograms.

Fishing takes place on the Tokko River. The Tokko River is a 446 kilometers long right tributary of the Chara. The basin area is about 23.100 square kilometers. The distinguishing feature of the river is crystal-clear water. The river bottom is rocky; riversides are mostly low and flat, often swampy and steep in some areas.

Tour route: Olekminsk - Campsite "Ini-Biya" - river Tocco - Campsite "Ini-Biya" - Olekminsk.

Fishing period: from June 20 to September 20

Duration: 7 days or by agreement

Tour type: fishing

Travel agency : Ini – Biya,


Name of tour: Helicopter tour to Lena pillars and Sinskaya pillars

Lena Pillars as well as Sinskaya pillars are geological formations on the bank of the Lena River. 100 meters height rock formations are composed of the Cambrian limestone. Time, wind, water, heat and frost gave reddish-brown rocks, stretching along the river about 80 km, bizarre and mysterious forms: towers, columns and pillars. Some Lena Pillars rocks are archeological monuments. Tourists can see ancient writings and altars. Tourists are offered to make panoramic flight over the Lena Pillars, to take photos, to land on the riverside and to fish for sharp-snouted lenok, graylings, pikes and perches.

Tour route: Yakutsk – Magan- The Lena Pillars – The Sinsk Pillars – Magan - Yakutsk

Period: June-September

Duration: 1 day

Tour type: Special tour/ guided tour

Travel agency: Satal tour,


Diamond tour

What can be more beautiful than unique diamond brilliance, which purity and brilliance can affect even the most refined women? The Yakut diamonds are recognized for their quality as the most valuable precious stones in the world. Mining was launched in 1954. Up to this day, the quarter of the world's diamond mining belongs to Yakutia. Today Yakut diamonds are the most popular material to create premium jewelry in Russia. Tour "Diamond Way" offers a unique opportunity to visit the lapidary factories, Yakut jewelry stores and to buy certified diamonds.

Dates: year-round

Route: Mirny town - “Mir” diamond quarry - Natural Park "Living Yakut diamonds" - Mirny town

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights

Tour Type: Special Tour/ Sightseeing tour

Travel agency: Satal tour,


Expedition to the Pole of Cold

The Pole of Cold is a unique place in the world, which located in the Oymyakon region, Yakutia. There is hardly other place in the world where people constantly live and work at such low temperature. The monthly mean temperature in January is - 61C °, but the temperature can achieve -68C °. In 1926 Academician Obruchev expedition registered the lowest temperature - 71.2 C °.

The route lays through the Verkhoyans ridge on the Kolyma Route- the "Road of Bones", a unique road built by Gulag prisoners during the Stalin era. You have an opportunity to visit the place where the lowest temperature was registered (71.2 C) also to ride a dog sled,to try stroganina, Yakut cuisine etc.

Dates: November - March

Route: Yakutsk -  Khandyga - Oymyakon - Tomtor - Khandyga - Yakutsk

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

Tour type: Car Tours / Expedition / Fishing / ethnographic tour

Travel agency: Satal tour,


Helicopter wolf hunting

Hunters live in a camp of reindeer herders. They are offered the help of local hunters, guide and helicopter pilot.  Also they have an opportunity to ride snow-storms, deer, horse and other entertainments.

Dates: Year-round

Route: Aldan - Kien- Yuriakh - Aldan

Duration: 3 days

Tour type: Hunting / ethnographic tour

Travel agency: Golden Aldan,


Boating on the River Aldan

Water route starts at a distance about 3.5 km below the mouth of the River Seligdar, it is about 80 km. from Aldan town. The first island the tourists see on their way is Rayanoi. On the island red currants, blueberries and moss currant can be picked. Two more islands are situated on the way of water trip to Evenki village "Ugoyan". 2 km downstream from the village “Ugoyan” tourists can see on the left side of the river ice cellars embedded in the rock, where the locals keep fish and meat. Further there are five more islands along the route. On their way three "green stops" are organized to have a rest and to fish.

Dates: Summertime

Route: mouth of the River Seligdar - Tommot

Duration: 4 days / 3 nights

Tour Type: Boating/ Fishing

Travel agency: Golden Aldan,


Tour "Tuostah - Kisilyakh"

A true masterpiece of Yakut mountains, Kisilyakh Mount, is located in the Verkhoyansk district, at the dividing ridge of the rivers Yana and Adycha, in spurs of the Kisilyakh range entering the system of mountain, the Cherskii Range. Kisilyakh Mount is 1070 meters above sea level and about 25 kilometers length. It is all covered with columnar cliffs, the average height of which is 25 - 30 meters. Kisilyakh("stone people") is a sacred mountain for Yakut people. According to geologists, the mountain is 60 million years old. Kisilyakh Mount is a unique nature creation and holy place for Yakut people. There is no other so revered and protected mountain in Yakutia.

Dates: June 7/ August 30

Route: Yakutsk - Batagay - Betenkes - Campsite Tuostaah – Kisilyakh Mount- Campsite Tuostaah - Yakutsk

Duration: 4 days / 3 nights



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Tour Type: Eco tour / Fishing

Travel agency: The Arctic,

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Cruise liner "Mikhail Svetlov"

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Motor ship cruises along the Lena River. Routes: Yakutsk - Lena cheeks (1,200 km from Yakutsk) – Yakutsk, Yakutsk - Tiksi.

National Travel Company "Yakutia"

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The company suggests cultural and educational programs, adventure expeditions for foreign and local tourists/


Travel Agency “Polar airlines”

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Travel company “Satal tour”

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Travel company "Bult-Travel"


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Tour operator "Arctic Travel"

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Organizes expeditions to remote areas of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), dogsledding trips , hunting and fishing.


Tourism in Yukon, Canada

The compact, triangular Yukon territory in Canada’s northwestern corner is a diverse and easily accessible year-round natural and cultural treasure.


Northern Lights

Yukon aurora viewing combines just the right amount of excitement, inspiration and comfort. Spend your days visiting museums, sightseeing and sampling local cuisine in Whitehorse. Head 20 minutes into the wilderness outside Whitehorse in the northwest Canadian territory of the Yukon to watch the Northern Lights at their brightest in winter’s complete darkness. Try dogmushing and snowshoeing, take in a music festival, or just savour the quiet darkness from a cozy cabin or lodge.


The Midnight Sun

Yukon is the land of the midnight sun, where skies are glorious and summer light just won't quit. Life flourishes under hours of intense sunlight as the land hosts millions of migratory birds and explodes in wildflower blooms. On summer solstice, June 21, the sun doesn't set at the Arctic Circle. Take the road trip of a lifetime at the height of the northern summer. See Yukon’s memorable places by connecting the North Klondike, Top of the World, and Alaska highways. You’ll visit national historic sites, attractions and wilderness parks, meet extraordinary people and see plenty of wildlife. The best part? Staying up late through Yukon’s endless twilight to catch that perfect photo of the midnight sun.


Klondike Gold Rush

In 1896, prospectors found gold in a creek near Dawson City, triggering a stampede to the Klondike. Bolstered by dreams and heartened by stories of riches, thousands of miners struggled across Chilkoot Pass and floated the Yukon River to Dawson City. Follow the Trail of '98 from Yukon River headwaters to the Klondike. Along the way, visit national historic sites, museums and cultural centres that share the Klondike Gold Rush story. Visit Carcross, Skagway, Whitehorse and Dawson City, and make time for diversions to Fort Selkirk and the Silver Trail. Peel back the layers on one of the most captivating historic events of our time.


Yukon Culture quest

The culture of Yukon's First Nations people evolved over millennia into the rich tapestry of dialects, arts, crafts, cuisines, and practices that we still enjoy today. From festivals to galleries to dozens of museums, historic sites, and interpretive and cultural centres, Yukon's story is brought to life for visitors in so many ways. This meandering journey connects several First Nation communities and six impressive cultural centres. View artifacts and handcrafts, meet elders, and learn the story of Wolf and Crow. Meet talented Yukon artists in their homes and studios. Tour local galleries and learn about indigenous arts and crafts.


Wilderness and Wildlife

From broad uninhabited valleys to wild Yukon rivers to endless mountain ranges, more than 80 percent of the Yukon is wilderness. Discover the legendary allure of our iconic wilderness parks – Kluane, Tombstone, Herschel Island, Chilkoot, Ivvavik, Fishing Branch – and world-famous rivers – Alsek, Tatshenshini, Snake, Wind, Firth, Yukon. Witness calving glaciers, mountain vistas and abundant northern species like caribou, wolves and grizzly bears. All year long, our wild places host unforgettable journeys.


An official site of the Canadian Tourism Commission:


the Yukon government's official travel website: