The Northern Forum is a platform for international, interregional cooperation, exchange of experience, knowledge in all spheres of socio-economic development of the regions and creates various forms and mechanisms, tools for joint work, organizes events of different orientation and different levels, supports project activities.


Recently, a number of regions have restored their membership in the organization, and some regions have applied or are ready to apply for membership in the Northern Forum, including the Tomsk and Arkhangelsk regions of the Russian Federation and the Uvurkhangai aimag of Mongolia.


On April 23, 2024 in the framework of the II Forum of Associations and Consortiums of Northern Territories in Tomsk a round table "Northern Forum - a platform for the development of macro-regional cooperation" was held.


The event became useful for all members of the Northern Forum, as well as representatives of regions and organizations interested in cooperation within the framework of the authoritative international organization, which is an observer in the Arctic Council, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, accredited by the UN Environment Programme and actively developing macro-regional cooperation with many countries of the world.


- Northern Forum International Organization of Northern Regions;
- Department of International and Regional Relations of the Tomsk Region Administration;
- National Research Tomsk State University;
- Russian-Asian Consortium for Arctic Research.


"The round table on the activities of the Northern Forum aroused considerable interest not only among Tomsk residents, but also among other regions and organizations. We tried to present in detail who we are, what we do and how we do it, and why it is more profitable for regions to become a member of the Northern Forum. We thank the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Tomsk Region for providing the venue, and the regional administration for organizing and ensuring the participation of stakeholders. We received a number of interesting initiatives that will help improve our work. The event was held in connection with the Tomsk Region's readiness to join the Northern Forum," shared Vladimir Vasiliev, Executive Director of the Northern Forum.


The main aspects of the event were presentation of the Northern Forum's activities, discussion of areas of cooperation with new members, and utilization of the Northern Forum's potential for the development of international and interregional cooperation.