On March 18, Northern Forum Executive Director Vladimir Vasilyev and Deputy Executive Director Daryana Maximova met with Yulia Maloivan, Head of Event Projects of the Andrey Melnichenko Foundation, and Vladimir Chesnokov, Creative Director of the Foundation.


The meeting was attended by First Deputy Minister of Ecology, Nature Management and Forestry of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Dyulustan Khon.


They discussed the issues of the Fund's participation in the V Northern Forum on Sustainable Development in September. It was agreed that a separate session of the Foundation will be organized, as well as a special event dedicated to climate change in the Arctic.


Vladimir Vasiliev invited the Foundation's representatives to join efforts in preparation of the Arctic sessions at the UN Climate Conference (UNCCD29) in Baku, informing that the Northern Forum climate group is planned to participate in the SFSD, which is ready to discuss issues of cooperation in the field of climate change and preparation for UNCCD29.