With the assistance of the Ministry of External Relations and Peoples Affairs of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Northern Forum, twinning ties have been established with the Soums of Mongolia.


On February 26, on the margins of the investment forum held in the town of Arvaikheer of Ovurkhangai aimak of Mongolia, the delegations of Verkhoyansky and Namsky uluses signed Agreements on the establishment of twinning ties with the Mongolian soums.


At the signing ceremony, the twinning agreements were signed between:

1. Namsky ulus and Kharkhorin Soum of Ovurkhangai aimak
2. Verkhoyansky Ulus and Soum of Arvaikheer of Ovurkhangai aimak
3. Verkhoyanskiy town and Soum of Kharkhorin of Ovurkhangai aimak
4. Cheryumchinsky Nasleg of Verkhoyansk Ulus and Soum of Bat-Ulziy of Ovurkhangai aimak


We express our gratitude to Mrs. Amarjargal Baljinniam, Goodwill Ambassador of the Northern Forum and Chair of the Mongolia-Sakha Cooperation Society.