Yesterday, the Chairman of the Senior Arctic Officials Committee held a meeting with observers.


Executive Director of the Northern Forum, Vladimir Vasiliev, participated online.


Mr. Hoglund briefly introduced the Council's activities, noting that working groups are beginning to function and observers can confidently turn to them to participate in project activities. The events calendar is gradually filling up.


In response to a question from a representative of the Netherlands on how work on projects involving Russia's participation will be structured, he noted that a small part of the projects may be closed, but the Norwegian Chairmanship will try to preserve most of the projects.


He separately mentioned the important project on the linguistic heritage of indigenous peoples initiated by Russia, which, by the way, is included in the list of priority projects of the Northern Forum. We will monitor the situation and try to establish sustainable communication with the working groups. Positive dialogue has been established with the Secretariat of the Arctic Council.