Ministry of Public Education of the Russian Federation and Federal Center for Continuing Education and Organization of Recreation and Recreation of Children are conducting All-Russian Arctic Lesson.
Lesson topics:
• Ecosystem of the Arctic: save or lose (5 - 6 grade)
• Polar expeditions: history and nowadays (7 - 8 grade)
• Mineral resources of the Arctic: explored and unexplored wealth of the country (9 - 10 grade)
• The Northern Sea Route - the driver of the development of Russia (10-11 grade)
• attracting the attention of educational organizations and youth to the topic of studying the Arctic;
• expanding and deepening the knowledge of students on the conservation of natural resources in the Arctic and the interaction of society with the environment;
• fostering a sense of duty and responsibility for preserving the natural resources and wildlife of the Arctic.
We invite teachers and pupils of grades 5-11 to take part in the All-Russian Arctic Lesson, materials for the lesson can be downloaded from the link
All organizers and participants of the lesson will receive certificates, an example of the certificate can be downloaded from the link:
The report on the Arctic Lesson is provided by educational organizations in the attached form:
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