Since January 2021, the Northern Forum, in cooperation with a business partner from Alaska, ArKtiKa Company LLC, has launched a new project: Arctic Business Relations Circle - online meetings to discuss the development of business cooperation in the Arctic and northern regions.

 The topics of the events cover all aspects of business cooperation, economic development of the regions. Every month we discuss one or two topics with inviting speakers from different regions and countries. Considering that the time difference is very large from Alaska to Chukotka, we also alternate the time. Thus, we are trying to cover all regions of the North and the Arctic.


At the end of each meeting, we discuss the topics of the next meetings that each participant can offer, as well as present their performance. We try to organize an active dialogue, therefore, in the program of each event we include no more than 4-6 key speeches in order to leave time for free communication.


We have already organized several very successful meetings and plan to hold them monthly throughout 2021. You can watch previous meetings on the Northern Forum channel on our YouTube channel:

At each meeting, Russian-English simultaneous translation is provided.


Some of the meetings will take place as part of major international events organized or co-organized by the Northern Forum. Under the chairmanship of the Russian Federation in the Arctic Council, the Northern Forum was entrusted to become the organizer and co-organizer of such forums as the Arctic Forum on Resilience, the Arctic Energy Summit, the First Conference of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Arctic Regions, and the Youth Startup Forum. Every year in Yakutsk we hold the Northern Sustainable Development Forum.


Remember that through participation in the proposed business meetings, you can get acquainted with the activities of the Northern Forum and, possibly, become a business partner of the Northern Forum, contribute to the development of international cooperation in the Arctic and the North. The Northern Forum brings together not only the regions of the Arctic - membership is open to the regions of the observer countries of the Arctic Council.


We hope you will be interested in our project, and you will become regular participants in our events and projects for the development of business cooperation.


On our website and on pages in social networks, we will publish announcements of new meetings.