Northern Forum 30 anniversary

This year the Northern Forum has a big holiday – we are 30 years old. We have planned many events for the whole year but decided to start with an important one: the renewal of the Northern Forum logo.

We appreciate the experience and knowledge gained over the years of interesting and big work of our organization, but we think that 30 years is a good age to change the polar night to a polar day, long and bright.

As a sign of continuity and connection between people who have given part of their lives to the Northern Forum; by many events that have taken place over these long years, we only change the color of the logo, leaving the main symbols of the North in place - the aurora borealis and the stars that show the way. We do not deviate from the general idea and color palette adopted in the Arctic organizations: blue and white are the colors that we, the people of the North and the Arctic most often see in front of us, these are our endless sky and pure snow.

We hope that these changes will serve as a new impetus for a bright future in the northern regions and around the world.