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These projects are implemented by the public organization of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) "Association for the Promotion and Consolidation of People's Diplomacy Intersphere" with the grant support of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs "Rosmolodezh".

The first project "Academy of People's Diplomacy" is an educational platform for departing delegations from Yakutia in order to strengthen the positive image of Yakutia and Russia abroad. The project is being implemented with the involvement of experts from the Ministry of Foreign Relations and People's Affairs of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the permanent mission, etc. It includes lectures and workshops on the basics of etiquette, cultural characteristics of the country and a foreign language. Participants will receive the necessary knowledge and skills for a comfortable stay abroad.

The second project "The Path of the Diplomat" includes theoretical and practical classes that immerse schoolchildren and students in the field of diplomacy and international relations. The project participants will receive social and communication skills, increase their cultural and educational potential. The main goal of the project is to improve the soft-skills of youth through theoretical and practical training in the basics of diplomatic activity.

Anyone from 14 to 30 years old can become project participants. Upon completion of the project, each participant will be able to develop their general professional abilities and broaden their horizons. Thanks to lectures and practical exercises, skills such as communication skills, the ability to work in a team, critical thinking will be consolidated, which can be further implemented in various fields.

For up-to-date information about projects, you can refer to the profile of Intersphere at the link: https://www.instagram.com/inter.sfera/. If you want to take part in them, you can contact the organizers at the number: +7 (984) 108-66-41.

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