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Robust evidence now exists for anthropogenically-forced shifts in the Earth's environment. Observations in the Arctic reveal dramatic reductions in the extent and thickness of the sea ice, rising atmospheric temperatures, widespread permafrost degradation and ocean acidification. These changes bring with them implications for biology, ecosystem services and society in general.

Full understanding of current and projected Arctic environmental change is becoming an imperative in order to minimize and manage corresponding impacts. This conference aims to provide a forum for the three main themes of:
Land - incorporating ecological impacts, permafrost, ice sheets and landscape evolution
Ocean (coastal and open) - incorporating physical changes, ocean acidification, and ecological impacts
The Future — covering social aspects and including transformation, exploration, and management


Submit your abstract no later than Monday, February 24, 2020 at 18:00 (6:00 p.m.) EST.
Please note, the early registration period ends February 1, 2020.